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Freda Brooks Phillips Douglas had an autobiographical-historical past book “Cherish the Previous” published in 2002, has her second e-book of fiction “Winds of Change” prepared for the printer and has her third e book on the front burner. She also wrote a weekly personal essay column for 17 years.. Freda lives alone with her cat Jewely and loves to listen to from her readers.

Effectively, I am in my fourth month as a resident of Alabama, settled right here like I used to be born here. Perhaps that’s as a result of the terrain hereabouts jogs my memory of my native Pennsylvania. In actuality it’s because my adoptive family surrounds me with such love as I haven’t felt since my husband John died in 2001. I do know there have been just a few people who cared for me within the final six going on seven years, reminiscent of James who spoiled me one thing fierce and couldn’t ever appear to do enough for me, like Gary, my medical careperson who by no means tried to pull the wool over my eyes and who was at all times trustworthy with me or Bess, who at all times despatched me postcards irrespective of where Jim and she went and usually arrived house earlier than I ever acquired the cards. And there was at all times Jewely, however she is a narrative unto herself.

However there is no such thing as a greater feeling than having love showered on you regardless of your faults, your age and your eccentricities.

The countryside round where we stay is absolutely beautiful. I’ve watched out my window in the morning to see the trees naked, steadily coming to life, and now they’re practically in full grandeur. We had a late frost just a few weeks ago, and that stunted, but didn’t kill, their beauty.

Linda has two fowl feeders exterior my window. One is for the bigger birds and one is for hummingbirds, The hummingbirds aren’t any bigger than a large bumble bee, however do they ever eat.
Final week the feeder went empty so shortly Linda thought she won’t have screwed the underside of the feeder on tight enough. She checked it and finally determined the little birds had big appetites.

Twice we’ve got gone sightseeing after church. Jason drives a truck and has discovered many spots to point out us. Jason is just like a homing pigeon. As soon as he’s been a place he can all the time find it again. He makes an incredible tour guide.

Properties are nicely maintained in our neck of the woods, and most have lush green, manicured yards. Shocking to me, many of the houses are single degree, some one and a half tales, however very few taller than that. Of curse these with money fairly often have what I call mansions which are breath-taking, however I wouldn’t feel snug in such opulence.

Do I miss my Florida pals? Of course. You don’t live in a spot for more than 20 years without a tug in your heart for these you left behind. Do I remorse resettling to Alabama? No, I don’t. Am I comfortable here? You are blissful where you might be beloved, and I’m loved.

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