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To be successful in Internet Marketing, you will need to learn the art of Writing Effective Ad Copy. Ad copy generates your leads. Your leads generate your sales. Your sales generate your success. Entire books and courses have been generated on this subject. We will only look at the bare bones basics here.
No Matter what it is that you are promoting, it’s a good bet someone else is selling it, too. Your task is to get customers to sign on with you. What you are promoting may not be a revolutionary idea, but your job is to make it “seem” as if it is.

Does your ad stand out? What is it that will make somebody read your ad? Here is a BIGlittle secret. It is a fact that you have an average of 5 to 7 SECONDS to capture someone’s attention. If you do not catch it with the Headline/Subject and the first sentence or two “CLICK” they’re gone.

Here’s an example: “Free eBook on Internet Copywriting”. Did I just hear you snoring? That was one boring headline. “How A Conversation With The Dalai Lama Taught Me How To Write Killer Copy”. Ok, does that get you to wondering, and say, Hmmm I want to see what’s going on here? That’s your goal.
The ad most likely to get noticed is the one that promotes a product, service or idea that can do something for the reader. It must solve a problem … make them feel better … richer … SEXIER!!! You want people to read and like what you write. Get them excited and motivated by your words. Effective advertising only happens when someone not only reads what you write but they also understand it and connect with it.

Focus on the product BENEFITS first, the FEATURES second, TESTIMONIALS 3rd if you have them, and then a DIRECT CALL TO ACTION.

The benefits are what were discussed earlier.

This is where you tell them what the product is going to DO for them, i.e. Smarter, richer, sexier, etc.

The features are the bland stuff that is what the product consists of. An example: “the package contains an eBook on Killer Copy, 2 CD’s containing audios of past teleconferences, and a 30 day subscription to the online Ezine, HIT Marketing.” Those are Features.

Testimonials, well, that pretty much explains itself. Use them if you have them; forget about it if you don’t.
Then the final really important part. The Direct Call To Action. Examples of Don’ts, and Does:

Do not simply leave a link at the end to click on. Do not simply say, “So if you want more info just send me an email”. Do not simply leave a telephone contact.

Do be direct about what you want them to do next. “Click On This Link NOW, and start writing your own Killer copy”, or, “Hurry, there are limited copies available, CLICK HEREto reserve your copy NOW!” What could be simpler? Yet, you’d be amazed at how many ads simply don’t do this.
And finally, Don’ forget to spll check and proofread yor ad. Misteaks make you look foolish!!!!
See what I mean?

I hope this down and dirty little guide will help you in the right direction to writing great ads for your business.

Here Is To Your Total Success!!!

Steve Harlow is an Internet Marketer who also dabbles in Direct Mail Copywriting. He writes articles focused on helping newbies in Internet Marketing, find their feet in marketing related issues. Steve’s website is at http://www.steve-harlow.com

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