Letter Writing – One Way to Keep Letters Alive Today : Letter Writing

With today’s technology, the old ways of communicating seem to take a back seat. One in particular is letter writing. With email and text messaging, today’s youth have put less emphasis on putting their thoughts on paper and sending it to loved ones or friends via ‘snail mail.’

Keeping letter writing familiar to our youth is not a daunting task. Yes, they may learn the basics in English class, but teaching what you know at home is important too. It gives you a chance to share your knowledge with the younger generation and helps you to keep your own skills up to par.

One way to keep letters alive today is to schedule a day where you and the kids… Continue reading

Writing Tips : Creative Writing Tips – 7 Killer Tips To Boost Your Creative Writing Today

Article by Dan Goodwin

However accomplished and experienced you are in your creative writing, there’s always more to learn and discover.

There’s no such thing as becoming the perfect creative writer. All of us can continue to learn, explore and experiment and give our creative writing more depth, impact and fulfilment, for us as the writer, as well as for our readers.

So here are 7 killer tips to help you boost YOUR creative writing even more:

1. Adopt a new identity. Imagine you’re someone else, someone completely different from yourself. It could be a character you’re familiar with already from a book, film or your daily life, or a completely new creation.

Write from their perspective about what they… Continue reading

Writing Business Proposals : [homeworker business opportunities] 3 Killer Tips For Writing Your Proposal To Your Join Venture Partners & Start Earning Big Money Online TODAY!

Article by zMillionDollars

[homeworker business opportunities] 3 Killer Tips For Writing Your Proposal To Your Join Venture Partners & Start Earning Big Money Online TODAY! – Home – Home Business

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Join venture marketing is the hottest and fastest growing on the internet right now. You might see that the internet entrepreneurs have already jointed together and start earning MORE money online. I am sure that join venture is a great powerful home based internet marketing business strategy for you to start earning MORE money on the internet at home.

However, to build your great join venture… Continue reading

Writing Tips : Article Writing Tips You Can Use To Earn Cash Today

Article by Stephanie Mojica

An article writing tips search just isn’t truly complete until you know just how to research each article you write. Here’s some research and article writing tips that will help you whether you are writing to promote your business or earn some extra cash as a freelance writer.

1. Don’t over-research. Too many of us think article writing tips should include tons of research; you need to spend more time writing than researching. For the average blog post, article marketing piece, or online freelance writing piece you should spend 10 minutes or less researching websites.

2. Only interview sources if absolutely necessary. If you’re writing an article for a print publication or high-end website, you probably… Continue reading

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