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Why Write a Mini Business Plan? : Writing Business Plans

Why write a mini business plan over a long drawn out thirty page document? Because it’s easier and you are more likely to do it! Think about things you would rather do every day. Email – you respond to emails that are easy to get out of the way. Phone Calls – you call the people that don’t require a complicated thirty minute conversation. Mini business plans are easier to put together and move you to action faster than traditional business plans. Mini business plans have many advantages. The two page mini business plan for example is short, to the point, and doesn’t require months and months of research and writing.

All you need to include in the two page… Continue reading

Write a Great Business Plan – Now : Writing Business Plans

You need to write a great business plan because a mediocre one just will not do. Not any more. Not in this turbulent financial time.

Banks are stingy. Venture capitalists are stingier. And angel investors are probably the stingiest of all. Approaching any one of these entities without having a great business plan in hand is absurd. It just wont fly.

So what makes a business plan great?

Well, starting at the beginning, the basics need to be covered. These are the items you will find outlined on every business plan site in existence. These items include:

Biographical information

Financial information

History of the company

Identifying your market

Credit reports

But if your business plan included all of these things,… Continue reading

How to write a carpentry business plan : Writing Business Plans

The first question you need to answer before writing your carpentry business plan – what is a business plan? In short it is a roadmap for your carpentry business showing anyone who gazes as it what the goals of the business are and also shows how those goals should be reached.

Devoid of a business plan it is unlikely that potential “angel investors” and the like will invest in your carpentry business if that is your requirements to start it up or if you need to take it to the next level

If you have a particular backer in mind you should tailor it to their necessities otherwise how are you going to get any money out of them if… Continue reading

Business Plan Writing ? What is in a Great Business Plan?

Business plan writing is an important aspect to any successful business. Many companies that are just starting out will benefit the most form having this type of plan from the beginning. This should be one of the first aspects of starting a business. A good plan will provide a sense of structure, and offer a stable projection of what to expect in the years ahead. It is important that certain factors are included in a business plan. A great business plan includes an executive summary, industry analysis, marketing and the company analysis.


When engaging in business plan writing, a company should always include a section analyzing the industry that the company is in. This will provide important information about… Continue reading

Find Out About Writing a Business Plan

If you have entered a new era in your life of no longer wanting to be working long hours to satisfy your boss, then perhaps you have mooted the idea of starting a new business but are rather overwhelmed with the idea. With the seed of a concept of a possible business, you will next need to know the essentials of writing a business plan or the fundamentals of writing a business plan done for you using the skills of a business plan consultant.

A good business plan is critical before looking for a small business loan from any bank that deals with small businesses, Government sponsorship, or lending service. Understanding the rudimentary principles of accountancy is essential in your… Continue reading

Writing a Business Plan Requires Some Research

After years of tending bar and helping a couple of different bar owners make hundreds of thousands of dollars, I decided to venture out on my own and open my own pub. I knew that I would either need an investor or a loan, as well as a strong business plan. What I soon discovered is that writing a business plan requires some serious research.

First and foremost, you have to know exactly what you are trying to market and to whom, and that is not always easy to articulate. The investor I approached had all kinds of questions about the location I planned to open my pub, which age group I was trying to draw in, facts about… Continue reading

How to Write a Business Plan

When starting a business, writing a business plan is the first step in the establishment of your prospective business. A business plan is the mission statement of the business. It will lay out the goals, objectives, and aims of the business. This business plan should address the clientele that will be served, the marketing and advertising plans, financial structure, how the business will be funded, and both short and long-term goals of the business. Those looking to learn how to write a business plan should include the following sections. These sections are important for creating a successful business plan so that potential buyers, customers and board members will want to become a part of your business.


Parts of a… Continue reading

Basic Steps to Write a Business Plan

Business writing can be a very time consuming task. For writing a business plan, a business writer has to consider some steps that will define the goals and reason for startup or expansion of a business. Business writers must consider these areas before writing a business plan:

• Business outline: It is the most important point; outline should be prepared before writing the business.
• Vision statement: You may know why you want to start a business and where do you want to see it in the near and distant future. This information is only known by the owners of the company. Keep your vision statement precise.
• Define your mission: Set the goals and objectives of the business. This… Continue reading

Writing a cigar business plan

Your cigar business plan is a detailed description that defines your cigar business with its objectives and shows how those objectives should be achieved.

With no a cigar business plan it is not likely that possible “angel investors” and the like will invest in your cigar business if that is what you require to start it up or if you need to take it up another level

The business plan should be modified for the prospective lender or the investor. The content of the business plan should exhibit the potential interests of the lender and encourage support for your cigar business venture.

Your business plan is not just for getting you the investment you need – it’s main objective should… Continue reading

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