Letter Writing – One Way to Keep Letters Alive Today : Letter Writing

With today’s technology, the old ways of communicating seem to take a back seat. One in particular is letter writing. With email and text messaging, today’s youth have put less emphasis on putting their thoughts on paper and sending it to loved ones or friends via ‘snail mail.’

Keeping letter writing familiar to our youth is not a daunting task. Yes, they may learn the basics in English class, but teaching what you know at home is important too. It gives you a chance to share your knowledge with the younger generation and helps you to keep your own skills up to par.

One way to keep letters alive today is to schedule a day where you and the kids… Continue reading

Writing Business Plans : A Business Plan Must Keep the Executive Summary to the Point

Article by Diane Duman

The definition of an executive overview is that it is sharp and short snapshots of the main ideas comprised in a document. And this must mirror the content of the details in your business plan and would be easier for the one reading to obtain a clear understanding of what the other details of the document will talk about.

What one needs to do to be ready for an efficient executive summary, you would have to write your own business plan. And while there are a number of methods in order for you to be able to do that, like being able to use a software, using a business planning template or writing it from scratch,… Continue reading

Writing Business Plans : Keep Funding On Your Mind While Writing Business Plans

Article by Dana Prince

You can follow the prescription for writing traditional business plans, but that doesn’t give you a key piece of information. The plan must flow from beginning to end, of course, but it should also keep the type of business funding you plan on pursuing in mind at all times. In other words, each section of the plan should not stand alone but rather clearly be a piece of a big picture. The business description should enhance the executive summary and the funding strategy should incorporate the marketing strategies.

Even more important, the words chosen to portray the business should be consistent, honest and informative, and they should appeal to the funder. This may sound obvious at… Continue reading

Your Very Own 7 Day Ebook

7 Days to Writing Your Ebook

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