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To be successful in Internet Marketing, you will need to learn the art of Writing Effective Ad Copy. Ad copy generates your leads. Your leads generate your sales. Your sales generate your success. Entire books and courses have been generated on this subject. We will only look at the bare bones basics here.
No Matter what it is that you are promoting, it’s a good bet someone else is selling it, too. Your task is to get customers to sign on with you. What you are promoting may not be a revolutionary idea, but your job is to make it “seem” as if it is.

Does your ad stand out? What is it that will make somebody read your ad?… Continue reading

A Crash Course in Grant Writing

And there are a lot of groups and organizations with a lot of money that are ready/willing/able to fund the right project. What’s the ‘right’ project? The one they have an interest in funding. “Interests groups” know how important it is to get certain things accomplished (e.g., to get more minorities earning their master’s degree; to get more health care students to train in rural areas; to get more American Indians trained as health care professionals, etc.). Thus, if you have the passion to do a ‘good work’ — funders have the money to help you. They will be your partner in ‘problem solving.’

Here are the 7 components to a grant: (1) Project Title/Cover Page, (2) Project Overview, (3)… Continue reading

Your Very Own 7 Day Ebook

7 Days to Writing Your Ebook

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