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Business Report Writing Tips

Let’s assume that you have to write a document for work or study. Your instructions consist of the title that you are to use and nothing else. Could you—with only the title as a guide—write a suitable document?

Unambiguously, the answer is no.

Why? Because you haven’t yet been told such things as WHO the document is for, WHY they want it or WHAT they already know (or don’t know).

Without such information, it’s most unlikely that you’ll just happen to write a document that correctly targets these questions of who, why and what.

TIP #1: Your readers—just as much as the topic of the document—will determine what you write.

This article discusses these key questions and will help you… Continue reading

Business Report Writing Tips

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Why Write a Mini Business Plan? : Writing Business Plans

Why write a mini business plan over a long drawn out thirty page document? Because it’s easier and you are more likely to do it! Think about things you would rather do every day. Email – you respond to emails that are easy to get out of the way. Phone Calls – you call the people that don’t require a complicated thirty minute conversation. Mini business plans are easier to put together and move you to action faster than traditional business plans. Mini business plans have many advantages. The two page mini business plan for example is short, to the point, and doesn’t require months and months of research and writing.

All you need to include in the two page… Continue reading

Guidance to Write Business Letter

Writing a business letter plays an important role in communicating with a company. It is not similar to the letters written to your family and your friends with informal style. The below guidance can show what you should do in a business letter.


Need to use letterhead. You can use 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch stationery with a matching envelope in stead of buying a note card in stores in case you don’t have letterhead.


Let the alignment be left or justified on both sides.


Type name, title and return address four to six lines down from the top of the page when you don’t have preprinte letterhead.


Omit two lines and type the receiver’s full name, business title… Continue reading

Write a Great Business Plan – Now : Writing Business Plans

You need to write a great business plan because a mediocre one just will not do. Not any more. Not in this turbulent financial time.

Banks are stingy. Venture capitalists are stingier. And angel investors are probably the stingiest of all. Approaching any one of these entities without having a great business plan in hand is absurd. It just wont fly.

So what makes a business plan great?

Well, starting at the beginning, the basics need to be covered. These are the items you will find outlined on every business plan site in existence. These items include:

Biographical information

Financial information

History of the company

Identifying your market

Credit reports

But if your business plan included all of these things,… Continue reading

How to write a carpentry business plan : Writing Business Plans

The first question you need to answer before writing your carpentry business plan – what is a business plan? In short it is a roadmap for your carpentry business showing anyone who gazes as it what the goals of the business are and also shows how those goals should be reached.

Devoid of a business plan it is unlikely that potential “angel investors” and the like will invest in your carpentry business if that is your requirements to start it up or if you need to take it to the next level

If you have a particular backer in mind you should tailor it to their necessities otherwise how are you going to get any money out of them if… Continue reading

Article Writing for Home Based Online Business : Writing For Business

People doing home based online businesses are consistently searching for the correct way of how to create articles. In order to generate interest of visitors or to bring customers to their business, they are required to keep filling their websites, blogs and social networking accounts with fresh and excellent writings, normally in the form of articles.

Online home based businesses needs appropriate techniques for creation and distribution of valuable information. Typically composing excellent articles symbolizes one of the first steps to be taken for informing the world from your online business. It’s also the overall opinion of the marketing specialists that excellent articles are really a fundamental main and well attached release foundation for the professional online businesses and for… Continue reading

Business Plan Writing ? What is in a Great Business Plan?

Business plan writing is an important aspect to any successful business. Many companies that are just starting out will benefit the most form having this type of plan from the beginning. This should be one of the first aspects of starting a business. A good plan will provide a sense of structure, and offer a stable projection of what to expect in the years ahead. It is important that certain factors are included in a business plan. A great business plan includes an executive summary, industry analysis, marketing and the company analysis.


When engaging in business plan writing, a company should always include a section analyzing the industry that the company is in. This will provide important information about… Continue reading

Blog Writing Proves Necessary For Any Business

There seems to be many rules about Web site maintenance these days. Twitter this, SEO that – sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Of all of the rules of thumb to obey, one rule stands out above the others: your company needs a blog.

Blog writing is important for many reasons. For starters, generating new content keeps people coming back. For your current customers, think of blogging as a way to write press releases in a way that will engage them and keep them updated on your products and services in a more personable way. Also, continuously writing articles about your business and industry can make your customers (both current and future) feel confident that you are well-researched in your… Continue reading

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