Want To Get A Letter? Write One!

Have you received a letter recently? In this world of cell phones, emails, and text messages, nobody seems to send letters anymore. But like reading a book is somehow more satisfying than reading a novel on an eReader, a real, honest-to-goodness “I can hold it in my hand” letter exudes warmth in the heart and communicates honest emotions.

If you say you really care, send a letter. They mean more. Consider this: in one hand you hold a genuine “from the heart” love letter … in your other hand you have a romantic card full of generic declarations of love. There is no contest in how both affect you!

What’s stopping you from writing? Are you worried about your writing abilities? Well, help is available! If you write by computer, then your word processor can check for simple spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

If you want to write a letter “by hand” with pen and paper because you think it shows more personal attention (it does!), then only you can check your spelling and grammar. And you are totally responsible for your style. But here’s a suggestion. Write a draft of your letter on your computer and use your word processor to correct simple writing errors. Print the draft and use it as a guide to then hand-write your letter onto the stationery you want. The recipient will never be the wiser and your letter will look good. The downside is this approach is more work, is time-consuming and isn’t the best check for your writing mistakes.

But how would you get your letter to look THE BEST. Not mediocre, not just good, but THE BEST! Do you want to send a love letter full of spelling and grammar mistakes? Of course not! The spelling and grammar check software on your computer will catch many of your mistakes, but not all of them.

These programs simply are not powerful enough to catch all writing errors including errors of style, syntax and contextual use of the proper words. So your letter drafted or sent through your computer may look good, but not THE BEST!

But, you want to catch ALL of your writing mistakes! You want your letter to be powerful! You want to look like a pro when it comes to letter writing. Fortunately, there is writing software that can accomplish this. Powerful English writing software programs are available inexpensively that catch all writing errors and even suggest ways to enhance your written style of whole sections of text for more dramatic effect on the reader.

The best thing about great writer’s software is that it not only makes you look like a pro, but after a while, you’ll also write like a pro. This is because it will help you learn as you write. The software will suggest and explain proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and even style corrections for you to see. Then you can make those corrections with one click on your computer mouse, or one key strike on your keyboard.

Any writer, regardless of proficiency level, can write a better letter with the help of a superb writer’s software program. And these programs will be hugely valuable writing tools if English is not your native language.

Don’t leave the fate of your handwritten letters in the clutches of those common computer spell checkers and grammar checkers. Go online and see what great English writing software can do to improve your letters, or all of your writing.

And send a letter. You have a good chance of getting one back!



Jack Osborne is a published author, entrepreneur (was an executive or founder in four successful start-up companies), and an avid sailor on the open ocean.  His love, beyond teaching people how to develop their full potential, is writing heartwarming and entertaining books and short stories on the human experience, as well as informative articles on the art of writing.  See more on his website, http://www.GrammarGrammer.com
for improving your writing skills.


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