The Importance Of Letter Writing For Children : Letter Writing

Letter writing used to be one of the compulsory activities in my childhood days. After every summer vacation, it was a mandatory task for me and my sister to write a letter to any friend mentioning how we spent our vacation. However, the funniest part was the friend was always XYZ, which means we had to write our letter to an unknown friend. Though, it was a boring task, but it had proved to be beneficial for both of us because it helped us to learn letter writing skill and it also helped us to increase our vocabulary.

This was a story of every other child. Most of the kids undergo the task of letter writing practice in their childhood days. However, it is one of the important tasks that every parent should make their kids to practice because letter writing leaves a deeper impact on the children as they can express their inner feelings. It allows them to form a close relationship with their friends and encourage their growth. With the help of letters, they can follow their own improvement through the years, share wishes requests, and create a lasting relationship. Letters are a significant part of the child’s development. Letter writing enhances kids’ fundamental literacy skills, their self-consciousness and their capability to put ideas and feelings into words. Letters are another expression of your support concern and love.

It is not that children should practice letter writing only after their vacation. They should be given the task at least three to four times. They should be asked to write to their friends once or twice every month. It not helps in enhancing their skill but also helps them to make a strong bonding between them and their friends.

Initially the chances are more that they do not find anything to write. They should be asked to write about their family, hobbies, sports and their everyday activity. They should also be given some specific words that they will have to use while writing a letter. This way they can get a chance to improve their writing skill. Children learn what they are taught. Therefore, parents should never forget to teach letter-writing, because it helps them in many steps of their life.

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