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The saying ‘the first impression is the always the last one’ fits aptly here. Your cover letter has to be really good since it will have a lasting impression on your prospective employer or the hiring agent. The look of the cover letter is very important since the hiring agent would then base his decision on whether you need to be called for an interview or not. Unattractive and unappealing cover sheets go down the bin, forget glancing through your other details like skills and work experience. The reason for this step motherly treatment is obviously the bad presentation of your cover letter. The presentation has to be really good and it should make the reader do business with you.

Even before beginning to get on the job of writing a cover letter, it is imperative that you understand the sole purpose behind writing the letter. With this aim in mind, you could take a plunge and write the application letter. Be totally devoted and write the cover letter. It is not a formality you have to complete. People just write the letter thinking that they want to get done with this formality. If this is your attitude and approach, then your application would be the first one to take the place in the bind. Unless your application and cover letter are not properly structured and neatly presented, the remaining part of the entire process does not hold good.

The important thing which needs to be adhered to while writing the application letter is the reason for your writing this letter. Obviously, it is for getting an interview letter and then later to get you a job with the company. Once you have kept in mind these facts and drafted a well structured cover letter, the hiring agent would obviously be interested in reading other pages which describe your educational qualifications, work experience etc.

This implies you have crossed one hurdle. If the job which you have applied for calls for formality and conformity, then it is imperative that you stick to the basic format of application letters. In positions where creativity and independence are desirable attributes, you could go in for an essay type detailed description about you as a person and the qualities you have for the job you have applied.

The first sentence of your application letter should be a one line description of the reference to the advertisement. If it is through a newspaper, then state the details liked day and date and the name of the paper.

Briefly explain why you think you are the ideal candidate for the job. Make a comparison with your experience and qualifications and the job specifications so that the employer feels that you are best for the job. Don’t forget that there would be tons of applications and your application letter needs to be identified and selected.

Last but not the least; make a mention of various enclosures and credentials so that continuity is maintained through the whole document.

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