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With today’s technology, the old ways of communicating seem to take a back seat. One in particular is letter writing. With email and text messaging, today’s youth have put less emphasis on putting their thoughts on paper and sending it to loved ones or friends via ‘snail mail.’

Keeping letter writing familiar to our youth is not a daunting task. Yes, they may learn the basics in English class, but teaching what you know at home is important too. It gives you a chance to share your knowledge with the younger generation and helps you to keep your own skills up to par.

One way to keep letters alive today is to schedule a day where you and the kids sit down and write. I did this with my nieces. I gave them some paper and explained that the letter should start off with ‘Dear So-and-so’.

When they asked what they should write about, I replied that they could say anything that came to mind. This allowed the girls to become creative in their letters. When they were done, I read the letters. One wrote about what they were watching while the other remarked on wanting to see the person again.

This is just one way to help keep letter writing alive today. It’s important to keep skills like this a part of our culture. It helps us to connect to one another in a way that technology sometimes lacks. Don’t be afraid to write a letter instead of sending an email.

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