Guidelines on good cover letter writing

No one needs to be told that a good cover letter is crucial if one is to land a good job. Apart from securing one a chance in the interview room, it also gives one a better chance of getting through with the job interview as it influences the employers perception of the job seeker. Remember, this is the very first chance you have to make a first impression. Not at the interview.

A good résumé cover letter is one that will set the employer in the mood of wanting to see you. It is one that, the moment the human resource manager of the firm you seek to work with gets it, he immediately becomes eager to interview the person behind the letters. There are guidelines that one needs to follow to achieve this.

Give all the attention possible to the headline. This is one line that should be strong and as attention catching as it can possibly be. The essence is that this is more often than not the line that determines whether your cover letter is going to be read or piled up with the other thousands of applications that reach the human resource manager’s office.

Once you manage to make the employer read your letter, make sure what they read is what they are actually looking for. An important point to remember is that you should endeavor to tell them what it is that you can do for the company. Utilize the space well by showing the employer what you have that would help fill the vacant position. Focus on the company’s needs rather than your qualifications.

A professional cover letter is not more than a page long. This space is quite limited hence the importance of one being specific. Write concisely focusing on the company’s present lack and the skills and experience that you have to fill the void.

This calls for lots of research about the company. One needs to know exactly what the company is missing so they address this very issue.

Maintain basic etiquette while writing the cover letter. Remember you will be competing against thousands and everything counts. Addressing the letter to “whom it may concern” is a terrible mistake many uninformed applicants make. It would also be against basic etiquette to talk about your remunerations in the cover letter.

Remember that a cover letter is a complementary of the résumé you attach. One does not, therefore, need to repeat what can be read from the résumé. Save the time of the employer by not replicating your résumé in the cover letter. A résumé addresses your qualifications and job positions in which you previously worked. A cover letter should address how those qualifications and experiences would help the need of the job you are applying for.

Most important, maintain a positive tone. The human resource manager reading your letter should also read the confidence you have. Let them feel obliged to read your cover letter and give time to your résumé. They should feel that you actually believe that you have what they are looking for.

Edmund Broadbent is the author of this article on Job Hunting. Find more information about Letter Writing Help here.

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