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Make Extra Money

An extra income opportunity is a home based business which allows you to have the opportunity to make more money on your own terms. People get into extra income opportunities for a number of different reasons.

1. There are a lot of us who find ourselves in an intractable battle to make a balance between work in family, both in terms of money and in time. If you are always working just to make the bare necessities and never even get to see your family, is it worth working so hard?

2. A strong drive to bring in some extra income for your family and to make financial independence and personal autonomy a reality for your family by taking part… Continue reading

Avoid Writing Unpleasant Business Letters

Sometimes in business there are occasions when you are not pleased with the work that someone has done. You may have expected something utterly totally different from what was truly delivered. This is normal. Generally there are disappointments in life. Handling these disappointments properly can mean the difference between total disaster and resolving problems to a suitable end. To help you produce an outcome that is more desirable for everyone there are rules for business letters for this situation.

The primary issue you wish to deal with is that the immediate problem. As an example, you’re a landscaper who designed a stunning walkway for your clients. You have got employed a company you ordinarily use to lay the concrete for… Continue reading

How To Write Better Business Letters

Writing business letters is a forgotten art. The Internet has made us lazy writers. With a few keystrokes, we can kick off a short e-mail without thinking much about content, much less formatting. Have you ever reviewed your own e-mails and discovered misspellings, incomplete sentences, formatting mistakes, and grammatical errors? Usually we think nothing about how our lazy writing negatively affects our e-mails; other people e-mail us the same type of junk all the time. But, still, writing lousy e-mails should not give us the excuse to be lazy writers all the time, online or offline.

Writing business letters may be one of the best skills a business person can possess, especially during these times when few people possess it.… Continue reading

The Organized Writer’s Six Rules

Are you trying to get organized so you have more time to write? Here are six rules guaranteed to make you more productive and more organized when you add them to your life.

1. Work with Yourself, Not Against Yourself

When you’re trying to become more organized, it’s tempting to try and fit into the existing organizing system of an “expert.” They seem organized and they promise that if you try it, you’ll be organized, too.

What’s more effective is to understand your personality and what works for you. There are MANY solutions and you may have to experiment to find the system that best fits the way you work–your mind, your body and the way you think. And this… Continue reading

How To Write A Better Press Release

A press release is the most effective way to generate free publicity for your business or organization. A well-written press releases can generate mountains of coverage, and most of the time, that coverage will be more in-depth than any ad. Writing press releases are tricky; since they?re targeted mostly to journalists, the focus, style and tone is different from the typical business document. The following tips will help you craft a clear, creative press release.


Like any news story or announcement, a press release must be ?spun? — that is, it must have a particular angle interesting to journalists and, subsequently, to readers. Sure, the opening of a new office might mean big things for your company, but… Continue reading

How To Write A Business Plan

If you are at the stage where you are confident in your decision to start a home business, you will want to take the next logical step and that is to write out a professional business plan. A business plan will incorporate data such as what your target market is, how your business differentiates its products or services from the competition, and how your business will be financed.

1. So, What’s A Business Plan?

A business plan is like a big list of questions and answers that people might have about your business. You can’t get funding from a bank without one, so writing a business plan is very important. A business plan speaks volumes on how you have considered… Continue reading

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