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Write a course playbook : Writing Courses

To help improve the management of your game out on the course, you should draw up a plan of how best to play it in the various conditions (ie Wind, or no wind etc) and write it into a course playbook.


Each hole should be analyzed and you should note where best and how far you should hit your tee shots, which discount golf clubs best suit the conditions when making your approach shots, how will the greens receive such shot and where best you should land on the greens.

Leave space so you can add anecdotal notes gleaned from incidents that take place during play.

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Business Writing Training Courses : Writing Courses

If you work as part of a business then you will undoubtedly have to do some kind of writing almost regardless of your job title. This will encompass a large variety of different tasks that range from writing your CV, to writing content for websites, to writing letters and e-mails, to writing ‘copy’, to writing promotional material to help sell products and services. You might have to write press releases and you might have to write notes to yourself. You’ll probably have to write speeches and you’ll almost certainly have to enter data into spreadsheets or data bases. This then means that you end up spending a long time writing even if that doesn’t come under your job description, and… Continue reading

Writing Training Courses : Writing Courses

Writing is a fine art and something that not everyone can automatically do well. However this is a shame when you consider just how useful writing is as a skill and how important it is to be able to write well. If you have ever dreamed of writing a novel, or of becoming a journalist, then writing training courses are already highly advisable to help you do so. This is something that relies on the ability to write and to put your ideas and opinions across well, and if you want these highly desirable careers then you need to train and learn to write.

 Meanwhile writing training courses can also help you with a lot of other things. For… Continue reading

Online Grant Writing Course

One of the reasons to take an online grant writing course. is that it will help you learn the skills needed to write award winning grants. Once you have gained rudimentary skills, you will need to practice, practice, and practice to improve your writing. Good writers write all the time. Another thing a writer needs in order to improve is a good editor. Have you ever noticed that when you write something and re-read your own writing that it is not so easy to catch spelling or grammatical mistakes? The reason for this is that your mind has the ability to fill in missing pieces of information that is not there. If you thought you wrote a certain word… Continue reading

Writing Courses : Coursework Assignment Writing Tips

Writing Courses

Institutions of higher education are usually rated according to the content that they inject into the courses they offer. Most universities are known for their excellence in certain fields and others look up to these centers of excellence to model the content of the courses they offer. If you want to evaluate your institution of high learning, it is better to have a look at the study modules they offer. The syllabus is never a true indicator of what you stand to gain from enrolling in the institution as what is advertised is not always what you end up getting. What then should you look for in a college or university of choice?

The answers vary, depending on… Continue reading

Writing Courses : Writing Retreats: Time for the Writer

Writing Courses


Writers around the world all need the creative space in order fully achieve their full potential. Wellness immersion retreats for writers are something that many writers are engaging in to bring them closer to their creative talent.

Could you imagine the volume of material you could produce if you gave yourself the time that is required in order to focus? Could you imagine the greatness that you might achieve at a wellness retreat for writers?

Writing retreats take place in some of the most beautiful settings around the world. Writers from everywhere come together with painters and yoga practitioners in Mexico, Italy, Tuscany, and Bali.

Retreats are for all levels of talent. Each day, there will be… Continue reading

Writing Courses : Tackling assignment writing

Writing Courses

Written university assignments take different forms. Examples include essays, reports, project dossiers, short-answer mini-essays, case studies or dissertations. The purpose is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate several things:

your knowledge and understanding of a topic;
your ability to research a specific aspect of the topic set in the assignment; and
your ability to organize supporting information and evidence within a structured piece of academic writing.

Especially for a longer piece of writing, or one that will count towards a module or degree mark, it is worth planning your work carefully to ensure that you approach the task in a focused manner.

Consult the course handbook for the assignment submission date. Work out how long you have… Continue reading

Writing Courses : Help Write My Paper

Writing Courses

When it comes to completion of school projects as well as papers, many students usually encounter untold challenges. One of these challenges is the lack of time to complete course papers. In the current day and age, finding time to complete a single of projects has become a tall order because of the sheer magnitude of projects students are burdened with. Further, with the day to day hustles of life, it becomes extremely hard to allocate equal timeslots to a wide range of responsibilities one is faced with. The problem is often compounded by the fact that some of the papers assigned to students tend to be so difficult that students lack the proper skills to complete them.… Continue reading

Writing Courses : Lab Report Writing

Writing Courses

A lab report is an important aspect of all laboratory courses. With that in mind, it goes without saying that it informs a big chunk of a student’s grade. It is important to note that many instractors give their students lab report outlines and if this is availed, it is advisable to stick to it by all means. Basically speaking, a lab report comes up with a concise and clear report of what was carried out in a lab, that is, what was done in an experiment. It therefore addresses what was learnt during the experiment process as well as the interpretation of the results gleaned from an experiment.

As stated above, it is always good to stick… Continue reading

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