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Article Writing Course – How to Find the Best Article Writing Course Online

Would you like to improve your writing skills so you can produce articles that are truly impacting? Aside from constant practice and research, you can also do this by attending article writing courses. However, to make sure that you’ll get great value for your money, take these tips into consideration when finding the best article writing course for you:

1. Solicit recommendations. Call up your friends or colleagues who have attended writing courses before and ask for recommendation. You can ask them to rate the courses that they have taken advantage before to get an idea if one of them is a perfect fit for your needs.

2. Do your research. Do a Google search for the search phrase “article… Continue reading

How To Compare Online Writing Courses

If you have an interest in a career as a writer, it can be useful to check out a selection of online writing courses with the aim of choosing a program that allows you to boost your skills and knowledge. To take up employment as a professional writer, you do not necessarily need to have studied English at a higher level, in fact many of today’s most well known writers and journalists never set foot inside a college or university.

Online classes obviously have a number of inherent benefits. For instance, you may be able to study at a time of your choosing, it is often more productive to learn and study from the comfort of your own home, and… Continue reading

How Beneficial Is Technical Writing Course : Writing Courses

Technical developments are continuous. Businesses keep upgrading their technologies to make the lives of their users better. However, keeping pace with the changing technology can be difficult for common users with no technical background whatsoever. Technical writers come into the picture when the technology needs to be explained in plain language for the benefit of the common users.

The demand for technical writers have grown over time, so much so, that it is now preferred as a career option by many young professionals. Technical writing, however, demands some special set of skills in the writer. A technical writing course is such designed to help the hopeful writers to meet their career goals of becoming technical writers. Here is how one… Continue reading

Write a course playbook

To help improve the management of your game out on the course, you should draw up a plan of how best to play it in the various conditions (ie Wind, or no wind etc) and write it into a course playbook.


Each hole should be analyzed and you should note where best and how far you should hit your tee shots, which discount golf clubs best suit the conditions when making your approach shots, how will the greens receive such shot and where best you should land on the greens.

Leave space so you can add anecdotal notes gleaned from incidents that take place during play.

Ping K15 Irons best price:$ 389.99
Ping K15 Irons 3-9PS
Ping… Continue reading

Business Writing Training Courses : Writing Courses

If you work as part of a business then you will undoubtedly have to do some kind of writing almost regardless of your job title. This will encompass a large variety of different tasks that range from writing your CV, to writing content for websites, to writing letters and e-mails, to writing ‘copy’, to writing promotional material to help sell products and services. You might have to write press releases and you might have to write notes to yourself. You’ll probably have to write speeches and you’ll almost certainly have to enter data into spreadsheets or data bases. This then means that you end up spending a long time writing even if that doesn’t come under your job description, and… Continue reading

Writing Training Courses

Writing is a fine art and something that not everyone can automatically do well. However this is a shame when you consider just how useful writing is as a skill and how important it is to be able to write well. If you have ever dreamed of writing a novel, or of becoming a journalist, then writing training courses are already highly advisable to help you do so. This is something that relies on the ability to write and to put your ideas and opinions across well, and if you want these highly desirable careers then you need to train and learn to write.

 Meanwhile writing training courses can also help you with a lot of other things. For… Continue reading

Online Grant Writing Course : Writing Courses

One of the reasons to take an online grant writing course. is that it will help you learn the skills needed to write award winning grants. Once you have gained rudimentary skills, you will need to practice, practice, and practice to improve your writing. Good writers write all the time. Another thing a writer needs in order to improve is a good editor. Have you ever noticed that when you write something and re-read your own writing that it is not so easy to catch spelling or grammatical mistakes? The reason for this is that your mind has the ability to fill in missing pieces of information that is not there. If you thought you wrote a certain word… Continue reading

Writing Effective Ad Copy – A Crash Course : Writing Courses

To be successful in Internet Marketing, you will need to learn the art of Writing Effective Ad Copy. Ad copy generates your leads. Your leads generate your sales. Your sales generate your success. Entire books and courses have been generated on this subject. We will only look at the bare bones basics here.
No Matter what it is that you are promoting, it’s a good bet someone else is selling it, too. Your task is to get customers to sign on with you. What you are promoting may not be a revolutionary idea, but your job is to make it “seem” as if it is.

Does your ad stand out? What is it that will make somebody read your ad?… Continue reading

A Crash Course in Grant Writing

And there are a lot of groups and organizations with a lot of money that are ready/willing/able to fund the right project. What’s the ‘right’ project? The one they have an interest in funding. “Interests groups” know how important it is to get certain things accomplished (e.g., to get more minorities earning their master’s degree; to get more health care students to train in rural areas; to get more American Indians trained as health care professionals, etc.). Thus, if you have the passion to do a ‘good work’ — funders have the money to help you. They will be your partner in ‘problem solving.’

Here are the 7 components to a grant: (1) Project Title/Cover Page, (2) Project Overview, (3)… Continue reading

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