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Writing an Effective Complaint Letter

Complaint letters are quite difficult to write as they should be written carefully. An effective complaint letter maintains a respectful tone. There are several guidelines in writing an effective complaint.

Complaint letters are written when one encountered problems in a business transaction, like purchasing defective goods or being dissatisfied in services. It voices out feelings of having felt injustice or disrespect.

Complaint letters can also be forwarded to government agencies, say for example, when receiving a pension has been delayed. In clinical treatments, there may have been errors that caused serious diseases on your body. This also renders a complaint letter.

This is one of the most difficult to write, because most often than not, the… Continue reading

Guidance to Write Business Letter

Writing a business letter plays an important role in communicating with a company. It is not similar to the letters written to your family and your friends with informal style. The below guidance can show what you should do in a business letter.


Need to use letterhead. You can use 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch stationery with a matching envelope in stead of buying a note card in stores in case you don’t have letterhead.


Let the alignment be left or justified on both sides.


Type name, title and return address four to six lines down from the top of the page when you don’t have preprinte letterhead.


Omit two lines and type the receiver’s full name, business title… Continue reading

Amazing Tips For News Letter Writing : Letter Writing

A newsletter is a form of publication which many small businesses follow as a mean of promoting their products or services as well as strengthening internal communication within the organization. It serves as a smaller version of newspaper and like the newspaper, its tone is informative. Well written newsletters create strong relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and therefore, contribute towards the overall success of the business.

Two distinct types of newsletter:

Paper Printed
Electronic (or digital)

Those printed on paper are distributed via mail to the stakeholders whereas electronic newsletters are sent via email to the interested parties.

Plan out the content and format of your newsletter beforehand: The content and format of the newsletter must be… Continue reading

The Importance Of Letter Writing For Children : Letter Writing

Letter writing used to be one of the compulsory activities in my childhood days. After every summer vacation, it was a mandatory task for me and my sister to write a letter to any friend mentioning how we spent our vacation. However, the funniest part was the friend was always XYZ, which means we had to write our letter to an unknown friend. Though, it was a boring task, but it had proved to be beneficial for both of us because it helped us to learn letter writing skill and it also helped us to increase our vocabulary.

This was a story of every other child. Most of the kids undergo the task of letter writing practice in their childhood… Continue reading

Want To Get A Letter? Write One!

Have you received a letter recently? In this world of cell phones, emails, and text messages, nobody seems to send letters anymore. But like reading a book is somehow more satisfying than reading a novel on an eReader, a real, honest-to-goodness “I can hold it in my hand” letter exudes warmth in the heart and communicates honest emotions.

If you say you really care, send a letter. They mean more. Consider this: in one hand you hold a genuine “from the heart” love letter … in your other hand you have a romantic card full of generic declarations of love. There is no contest in how both affect you!

What’s stopping you from writing? Are you worried about your writing… Continue reading

Guidelines on good cover letter writing

No one needs to be told that a good cover letter is crucial if one is to land a good job. Apart from securing one a chance in the interview room, it also gives one a better chance of getting through with the job interview as it influences the employers perception of the job seeker. Remember, this is the very first chance you have to make a first impression. Not at the interview.

A good résumé cover letter is one that will set the employer in the mood of wanting to see you. It is one that, the moment the human resource manager of the firm you seek to work with gets it, he immediately becomes eager to interview the… Continue reading

Letter Writing – One Way to Keep Letters Alive Today : Letter Writing

With today’s technology, the old ways of communicating seem to take a back seat. One in particular is letter writing. With email and text messaging, today’s youth have put less emphasis on putting their thoughts on paper and sending it to loved ones or friends via ‘snail mail.’

Keeping letter writing familiar to our youth is not a daunting task. Yes, they may learn the basics in English class, but teaching what you know at home is important too. It gives you a chance to share your knowledge with the younger generation and helps you to keep your own skills up to par.

One way to keep letters alive today is to schedule a day where you and the kids… Continue reading

The Art of Fine Cover Letter Writing : Letter Writing

The saying ‘the first impression is the always the last one’ fits aptly here. Your cover letter has to be really good since it will have a lasting impression on your prospective employer or the hiring agent. The look of the cover letter is very important since the hiring agent would then base his decision on whether you need to be called for an interview or not. Unattractive and unappealing cover sheets go down the bin, forget glancing through your other details like skills and work experience. The reason for this step motherly treatment is obviously the bad presentation of your cover letter. The presentation has to be really good and it should make the reader do business with you.… Continue reading

The Importance of a Sales Letter Writing : Letter Writing

In today’s world, where email has outpaced every other modes of communication, many people might wonder the need for letter writing. Emails, more precisely automated emails, can be sent at a fraction of time, when employing the resources required for developing a sales letter are compared. The truth, however, is quite contrary. An email can never achieve the impact that a well-written letter can generate. Be it sales, cover, or a presentation, in fact you cannot afford to ignore a sales letter.

What is a sales letter?

A sales letter is form of direct mail, may be an email, or printed mail, in which an advertiser sends a letter to a potential customer. How does a sales letter writing differ… Continue reading

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